What Does It Mean To You?

So here it is... Our FIRST blog post!! I have to admit, I'm slightly nervous but overall very excited to see where this may lead to.
I want to talk about what inspires me to make jewellery. There is obviously one of the main reasons which is I just LOVE wearing jewellery!! It comes in heaps of styles to suit anyone and everyone; from minimal, to chunky, to quirky; they're all beautiful in their unique ways.
However, as you can probably tell by looking at the jewellery I make, I am very much nature inspired. The Earth is amazing so why not celebrate it through jewellery you can wear! From rough cut gemstones straight from the ground, to hand cut daisies and leaves, we just cant get enough of nature.
Another inspiration is love. New love, old love, eternal love any kinds of love. We all have someone to love and who loves us in return. Some of us haven't found it yet and others have had it for decades. We have love for a special person, a pet, food, places, memories and moments; the list goes on. This is portrayed mostly in our bespoke orders. Many have come in to ask for a piece of jewellery with the date stamped for a new born baby, or the date of when they got married, or when they have moved to another home.
So next time you buy a piece of jewellery or you're rummaging through your cluttered jewellery box, just stop and think about what that piece of jewellery means to you.