About Us

The Team

 Pennello's team comprises of Peter, Cherilynne &  and our resident Chihuahua, Mr Brush, and carpenter, Pete.

Pennello was formed to bring all of our creative ideas and designs together to share with a wider audience.


Our Jewellery

We draw inspiration from the beauty of nature and semi precious gemstones and use this to create delicious and consistently wearable jewellery. All of our products are individually designed and handmade in our workshop in Leicester, England.


Our Furniture

Each piece of furniture is a 'one of a kind' of a quirky nature. Some of our furniture has had previous lives and have been lovingly restored and altered to fit in with the modern day home; whereas our other pieces have been beautifully hand built from recycled materials.


Our Homewares

The majority of our homeware products have been carefully selected from individual suppliers that compliment our style.


We hope you enjoy your Pennello experience.

Peter, Cherilynne, Elise & Mr Brush x