For anyone out there that doesn’t know me, my name is Elise Taylor and I’m 22 years old. I'd like to think of myself as a bit bohemian and a bit quirky. I’m an animal and nature lover (I was the weird girl at school that would pick up snails and worms so no one stepped on them and would rather have animals as friends than speak to humans!)
I’ve worked in a florist since the age of 15; that also stocks a lot of other gifts and homewares, and one day my boss said to me that they would like to stock some ‘proper jewellery’ as they called it… the kind that doesn’t turn your finger green or give you a rash that you’re not quite sure of!
The idea fascinated me. So immediately I was on YouTube looking at how to make a simple silver ring and I thought to myself, I think I could actually do this. So, I did some research as to what equipment I needed, read a few blogs and watched a ton more videos.
We ordered the basic equipment and a few days later I made my very first hammered silver ring, fair enough the sizing was a little off, but I had actually made it!
The rest was history as they say, and Pennello was born.
I’m not going to lie, the past few years I have made mistakes and may have melted a few rings by accident, (I love the blow torch way too much) but I can definitely say that I gained skills that I never thought capable of and I have loved every moment of it.
At work now, everyday is different and I never know where my next inspiration is coming from. Its totally unpredictable and that’s what I like about it.
I’m constantly making new stock and uploading it to the website; so, stay updated, subscribe to the newsletter and buy a piece of jewellery for yourself…
Elise x