Tesori Della Vita

We are happy to be launching our new product range... Tesori Della Vita; which translated means 'Treasures of Life'.
Tesori Della Vita is a range of sterling silver jewellery that tells the stories, journeys and adventures of your life. It is beautifully designed and handmade by us.
The first step is purchasing the starter kit, which includes a 26 inch sterling silver chain, a silver base circle and one silver blank disc that can be detached to put on our Tesori Della Vita charm bracelet. The blank disc can be inscribed with a word or words of your choice.
There are various other design features such as adding a stone setting or having an unusual shape cut out or fused on.
Please don't hesitate to give us a call, send an email or pop into the shop to start your Tesori Della Vita product.
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